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Complete terrarium kit for insectes, arachnids, amphibians and small invertebrates.

For insects and small invertebrates

For insects and small invertebrates

Insects represent more than half of the animal species on our planet. Their lifestyle, size, colour, reproduction and mimesis will evoke curiosity and constant observation. This small glass terrarium is ideal for insects, arachnids, amphibians and small invertebrates. It includes a coconut fiber litter, a hygrometer, a plastic plant and a decorative stone.

Essentiels kit

This Kit Insect includes a coconut fiber substrate, a hygrometer, a decorative plant and a decoration.
Essentiels kit
Sliding front door

Sliding front door

The glass front door is sliding so you can quick and easy access your animal.

Metal mesh cover

Metal grids on the superior cover to ensure a great air circulation in the terrarium.
Metal mesh cover
Map Marker


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Frequently asked questions

Read carefully the instructions provided with your aquarium before the installation (manual and warnings) in order to perform every step correctly. Please certify that your aquarium is in good condition and without any damage.

Install your terrarium on a suitable surface and location. We recommend that you avoid crowded or noisy places, passages or corridors with drafts, to avoid any stress on your pet. Place the lamp holder or the lamp itself on one side of the terrarium in order to create a warm zone below that point and a cold zone on the opposite side. To get the best out of your pet, we recommend that you choose the lamp and program it according to your lifestyle. Cover the bottom of the terrarium with 3-4 cm of sand or suitable substrate, taking care not to obstruct the lower ventilation grilles of the terrarium. Place a log or decoration in the warm part of the habitat and the feeder in the coldest part. Your terrarium is ready to receive your pet.

For more information see the documentation available on our website.


In the case of a turtle tank or paludarium, once installed, the terrarium should not be moved to another location, as such operation would put in risk its stability and security. To move it, it must be completely emptied (including decoration). In the case of a terrarium with dry decorations, you can move it taking care to remove the heavier decorations inside, to avoid any risk.

No. Aquatlantis only works with distributors. Find the nearest store through our store map.

You can order spare parts through Aquatlantis representatives. Find the nearest store through our store map.

In each product page, it is provided a documentation area with all the files relative to the product in question, as instruction guides and product files. Download all the files you need.

The warranty is valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Although you must take care of the exclusions mentioned in the warranty provided with your aquarium. To claim the warranty, it is necessary to provide the aquarium ID and the proof of purchase.

The ID of your terrarium is a set of letters and numbers that identifies unequivocally your product and all its traceability. The ID is composed of a letter and two sets of six digits.

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