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Fluorescent lamp for desert terrariums with high UV radiation

Desert Fluorescent Lamp UVB 10.0

Desert Fluorescent Lamp UVB 10.0

Gives the pet high amount of UVB rays (10%) promoting normal functions such as appetite, digestion, reproduction and calcium absorption (UVB rays stimulate vitamin D3 synthesis). Warning: Do not place glass or plastic between the lamp and your pet, this would filter out beneficial of UVB rays. Protect your pet from the lamp. Lamp must be replaced at least once a year. Avoid splashing water. Code 15W: 13674 Code 26W: 13675

Lamp Placement

Consult the chart to calculate the temperatures you can provide to the habitat created in your terrarium, according to the placement/distance of the lamp. Always be sure to ensure the appropriate temperature for your animal's species.
Lamp Placement
Light Spectrum

Light Spectrum

Full spectrum super sun lamp that provides both UVA and UVB radiation.
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