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Reproduces the natural spectrum of daylight

Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp

Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp

Neodymium content ensures a more natural portrayal of the plants and animals in the terrarium. Creates warm relaxing areas for reptiles. Emits infrared light, supports thermoregulation and promotes well-being. UVA radiation activates natural animal behaviou and stimulate appetite. Raises the room temperature of the terrarium. Note: protect from water splashes. Code 50W: 13695 Code 75W: 13696 Code 100W: 13697 Code 150W: 13698

Lamp Placement

Consult the chart to calculate the temperatures you can provide to the habitat created in your terrarium, according to the placement/distance of the lamp. Always be sure to ensure the appropriate temperature for your animal's species.
Lamp Placement
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

This product is only intended to be used for terrariophily and may never be used for other purposes.
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