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22 February 2021


For turtles, snakes, bearded dragons, insects, and others.

New terrariums with complete essentials kit for specific species of reptiles and amphibians. Each of these kits has been carefully developed considering the requirements of each species so that the consumer can ensure all the conditions for maintaining the care and well-being of their animals. For turtle species, we have the Kit Turtle, suitable for aquatic turtles, and the Kit Tortoise, for terrestrial or garden turtles. As for the reptile species, the Kit Serpent is prepared to receive several types of snakes, such as python or corn snakes, and the Kit Pogona will be the best option for your bearded dragon. Terratlantis also launched a special terrarium for species of insects, arachnids, amphibians and small invertebrates - the Kit Insect. All the new Terratlantis terrariums are equipped with a complete kit of essential products specific to each species, including substrate, heating lamps with respective support, temperature and humidity meters and decorative elements. Find more information here

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